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ESCMC gradua 113 estudantes

A Escola Superior de Ciências Marinhas e Costeiras da UEM (ESCMC), localizada e

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UEM, Vale do Zambeze, FUNAE e AREL pretendem massificar o acesso às energias renováveis

A UEM, a Agência do Vale do Zambeze, o FUNAE e a Associação de Energias Renováv

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UEM inaugura campo de Relva Sintética

O Campus principal da UEM já dispõe de um campo de relva sintética pertencente a

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Mais noticias:

Biodiversity and Development Symposium: Making the invisible, visible


Biodiversity and sustainable development are intrinsically linked. Changes in the ecosystem influence both climate and people’s capacity to overcome its impacts. On the other side, the growing demand for energy poses challenges to both biodiversity and the energy industry itself. The main challenge is to find a balance between the need for more accessible sources of energy (fossil fuel), while at the same time meeting social and environmental expectations, including the protection of biodiversity. This implies the incorporation by the industrial sector of clear and effective policies and strategies that balance potential threats from industry and biodiversity conservation, with a view to contributing to the research and production of scientific knowledge, restoring ecosystems and habitats and the training of highly qualified staff to monitor the state of the environment, who can understand the effects of biodiversity loss on the dynamics of ecosystems. Thus, the Symposium on Biodiversity will be held in conjunction with the X Scientific Conference of the UEM, which aims to analyze and discuss themes of interest to biodiversity conservation in a context of rapid local, regional and global environmental and socio-economic changes, making then biodiversity visible.



1. Socio-ecological dynamics of ecosystems

  • Contribution of natural capital to economic development
  • Socio-ecological resilience

2. Climate changes

  • Greenhouse and climate changes effect on biodiversity

3. Development and biodiversity

  • Mining and biodiversity
  • Biodiversity trends
  • Good practices for biodiversity conservation
  • Impacts of oil and gas projects on biodiversity conservation

4. Ecosystems

  • Biology and reproduction of organisms and connectivity
  • Assessment and valuation of ecosystems
  • Modelling
  • Restoration / rehabilitation of habitats

5. Biodiversity and governance

  • Spatial planning;
  • Analysis of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Mechanisms to strengthen biodiversity management
  • Integration of biodiversity conservation into the national development plans

6. Biodiversity and endangered species

  • Ecology and conservation of endangered species
  • Taxonomic and genetic studies
  • Species distribution patterns
  • Invasive species



01/06/2018 Registration of the participants

01/07/2018 Dead line for abstracts submission 

30/07/2018 Dead line for participants registration 

31/07/2018 Notification of accepted abstracts/communications 

31/08/2018 submission of manuscripts for the meeting Proceedings 

27 and 28/09/2018 Symposium on Biodiversity and development



Participants are invited to register within the above indicated period through the following link: http://www.cecoma.uem.mz/conferencias/index.php/bio/bio. No registration fee will be charged. We encourage the participation of students and young researchers, particularly female participants. A number a travel grants (return ticket or accommodation) will be awarded to participants coming from academic institutions outside Maputo. Participants from the Eduardo Mondlane University should contact their respective departments for funding.


Authors must submit a summary of their oral communications or posters, with a clear description of the objectives of the study, methods, results and conclusion. Click here for instruction on how to write and submit your abstract (clique aqui para aceder as instruções). Once converted in manuscripts, such presentations might be published on the UEM Scientific magazine if in accordance with the procedure and norms in use of the Magazine (for access click here).


Cooperação Italiana




For more information please contact the organizing committee 

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